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Making Way For Better Things

I was going through my closet a few days ago taking inventory of all the clothing I have floating around in there. Some of these items I really like, but there’s also a few articles that I know I really don’t like at all. I mean, they’re okay, but I don’t really like them. For example, there’s this one light blue button up shirt in there that’s been staring at me for the last six months. It’s okay. I actually wore it last week, but only because all the other shirts that I really wanted to wear were dirty. I keep this blue shirt in there as a “backup” for when the other shirts that I really like aren’t available. There’s nothing wrong with this shirt; It’s actually really nice! It’s clean, in good condition, and fits me pretty well. I just really don’t like wearing it for some reason. I hate seeing it on my body. Maybe it’s the color, or the way the collar fits around my neck, or something else that I just can’t pinpoint, but when I wear it I just feel like a complete idiot.

I finally had enough the other day. I took this blue shirt and all the other clothing that I don’t truly enjoy anymore and gave it away to a friend that I knew would love it. Sure enough, he was ecstatic and extremely grateful for all of it! Ah! Now I’ve got a nice clean open space ready for some newness. The next day I stumbled across a really great site that had a wonderful sale on some nice new clothing that I truly fell in love with. I took the time to really analyze these items and make sure what I was looking at was really resonating with me and that I wasn’t just acting on impulse before I made any decisions. Once I made up my mind I went ahead and bought them.

There. Nice and new. Stuff I really like. No more harboring anything anything that is no longer serving me.

Isn’t it funny how we do that? Hold onto stuff even though we know we don’t really want it anymore. The reality is that I was hanging onto that stupid blue shirt because I was afraid that if I got rid of it I might not get anything better. NONSENSE, POOPY-PANTS! There’s always something better waiting for you.

There are things in your life that you are hanging on to right now that you don’t want to let go of even though you know you should. It could be an old pair of shoes, that stack of newspapers by the door, a negative person who’s been dragging you down for years, or maybe just some resentful feelings you’ve been harboring deep within yourself.

Set it all free. You’re ready for something new and improved. It’s time to make the space in your life for the things that you truly LOVE and get rid of all that old stuff that’s been jamming you up. You deserve better. :)

- Jamie

Why NYC?

A friend asked me why I am moving to NYC the other day. Here was my response.

Man, so many reasons…

First off, the culture and people out there are simply amazing. Some of the most genuinely kind and authentic people you will ever meet in my humble opinion. There’s just a certain type of excitement and buzz in the air that really resonates deep within my soul every time I visit. Plus the women are absolutely stunning. It’s not uncommon to be walking down the street and catch myself saying “Wow! I think that was the most breathtaking woman I’ve ever seen” at least 10-20 times per day. Me and my friend Alex have a thing where we’re constantly glancing at each other saying “YEP” when this happens.

Secondly, I am in the market for an entirely new set of challenges in life. SD life is almost too perfect, from it’s ridiculously good weather, easy going pace of life, abundance of taco shops, and relatively low cost of living, but I know that it’s not making me the type of person that I am capable of becoming. I am just way too comfortable out here and that really just scares the crap out of me.

I want to be engaged in an environment surrounded with like-minded creative people who are headed in the direction that I want to go. This will inspire a greater sense of intensity into my daily activity to aggressively pursue the things I’m after.

I guess to sum it up I am a little bored and looking for a vibrant new experience in life. I know that living in NYC is going to be much more difficult than SD, from it’s sky high rent prices, ridiculous weather, and the millions of people that will be rubbing their filthy bodies all over me and completely jamming me up every day, but I am certain that it’s going to make me a much better man. Whether I choose to stay there permanently or not I know that I will be much happier in the long run knowing that I at least gave it a shot and because of that my life will forever be all that much more interesting.

- Jamie

A Simple Guide To Making Money As An UberX Driver

What in the heck even is Uber?

If I could define it simply I would say that it is a personal transportation service much like a taxi, except instead of being driven around up by a “taxi driver” you’re picked and driven to your destination by an everyday average person who is looking to make extra money (or a full time income) with their own personal vehicle.

Why would I want to use this rather than a regular taxi?

A few reasons:

1. It costs less than a taxi.
2. It’s more convenient.
3. The drivers are friendly.
4. Their cars are kept clean.

How does it work?

It’s simple. All that’s required on the drivers part is a few things:

1. A valid drivers license.
2. An insured vehicle that is 2004 or newer. (and not hammered looking)
3. A clean driving record and no criminal history. (We’re all given background checks)

And for the riders:

1. A smartphone to run the Uber app.
2. A valid credit/debit card to keep on file.

If you’re looking to get picked up all you need to do is fire up the Uber app, punch in your coordinates, and click “request UberX”. Usually the driver will be there to pick you up in less than 5-10 minutes. (Keep in mind it’s currently only available in larger metropolitan areas.)

Who’s a good candidate to be a driver?

1. Night owls. Depending on the city you live in you’ll make the most money at night from 7pm - 3am. This is great for me because I hate getting up early and I’m always wide awake at night.
2. Social people. It’s a great way to meet new people.
3. Ability to handle assholes. Not gonna lie, a chunk of the people you will be driving around will be drunken idiots. Luckily for me, I’ve been dealing with people like this for years so it’s no big deal to me.
4. People who want to work whenever they want.

How do I become a driver?

Easy. All you need to do is submit an application over at It usually takes a few weeks to process everything. Once you’re approved they will send you a special iPhone that runs the UberX application for you to mount on your dashboard.

Sweet! So how do I make the most money with this thing?

These are the key areas of importance:

1. Keep your car spic-n-span.
2. Learn your city inside and out.
3. Work nights from 7pm-3am.
4. Be kind to your riders. Seriously, this is huge! Offer them bottled water and an auxiliary cable to listen to their own music when they hop in. Many people have given me an extra tip just for taking the time to go the extra mile in this area.
5. Work when you’re feeling good. Nobody wants to be driven around by someone who’s in a bad mood.

Gee golly gosh! That’s great! How much can I make doing this?

Well, I only go out at the times I described, but after paying for gasoline I average anywhere from $20 to $25 per hour.

Wowzuhs! Anything else I should know?

Just give it a shot! I suggest anyone to do this at least a couple nights a week. You’ll learn your city better than ever and you’ll meet a ton of cool people along the way! :)

- Jamie

What I Learned About Myself Through Selling Cars

In March of 2013 I moved to San Diego. I had no real plan for what I was going to be doing once I got there, I just knew that I needed to start making some money. If I didn’t I would soon be living on the side of the road in my hammered ‘93 Toyota Camry. That didn’t sound too appealing to me.

With no real concrete sense of direction and all of my other prospects for gainful employment falling though, all it really took was a simple suggestion from my older and more successful cousin Josh for me to go out and get myself a job selling cars. “Go sell some cars, that’ll be great for ya!” he said, and I was on my way…

So I begin.

From the get go I start selling like crazy (it was tax return season) and I’m making money, way more money than I’ve ever made before, and it feels great! I immediately start thinking about all the new stuff I want to start jamming into my life and I go out and start spending like a full-blown ass hat. It was pretty sweet! The power to buy the things I thought I really wanted was a great experience.

So I’m chugging along for the next few months making the big bags of cash thinking I’ve got it all figured out. Then something happens: I get sick, really sick, and I fall into a deep exhaustion that I can’t seem to break myself out of. At this point I feel so lousy that my sales numbers start to drop. “What is happening to me?” I wondered…

I was burning myself out.

What I realized was that I became so focused on making money that I began to neglect the other three other extremely important components of my life: my health, relationships, and creative outlets. All of my time was being spent at work and it was really bumming me out. I felt horrible that I was beginning to lose my sense of identity by becoming so committed to something that wasn’t even that important to me in the first place.

Money isn’t everything.

We’ve all heard it said before, but it’s absolutely true. Money in of itself will never make you happy. The things you can do with money, to a certain extent can bring a sense of happiness, especially if those things are related to food, shelter, clothing, and contribution, but chasing after money for money’s sake will never bring you deep and lasting fulfillment and happiness. My cousin Ryan actually summed it quite perfectly when he told me “Money is never going to make you happy, but lack of it will make you absolutely miserable.”

So I began to calm myself down and catalogue the things that I truly desired in life. It really wasn’t much! Most of the things I wanted were actually free! What I desired more than anything was free time. I really just wanted my life back!

Walking away.

I started to realize that selling cars was never in a million years going to give me the lifestyle that I wanted so I went ahead and put my two week notice in and walked away from the profession all together.

Gaining clarity.

Walking into that job I really had no idea of what I was getting into. Even though it wasn’t really my cup of tea in the long run it definitely gave me clarity towards the things that I truly want in life. Making a ton of money with no time to enjoy it is definitely no longer on the list. Once I figured that out I simply stated my intention for what desired, took a few simple actions, and it all somehow magically fell into place from there.

I’m now doing work that’s allowing for the lifestyle I want and I have the free time to focus on the things that are truly important to me like becoming a healthier human being, traveling the globe, spending time with people I love, and expressing myself through various creative outlets such as this blog.

I can honestly say that I am much happier and I will never go back to living like that again. If you never have the time to enjoy the money you earn what good is it anyway? :)

- Jamie

Getting Back

I can’t remember the last time that I simply sat down with a clear mind to write my thoughts out. To capture the essence of where I’m at in life so that I can track the progress of where I’ve been and where I what I want to head towards.

Here we go.